No Deposit Bonuses with Zero Wagering Requirements

No deposit bonuses are a great feature of every casino as they try to woo more clients to their sites. Visit newzealand-online-casino for an insight into these types of bonuses. However, you may not know that casinos often attach restrictions to the bonus so you may not be able to withdraw any winnings you may from the bonus. Some have no restrictions at all.


The Concept of Wagering Requirements

Casinos often impose wagering requirements on no deposit bonuses. Wagering requirements mean you have to play a specific number of times before you can withdraw your winnings. this is to ensure that the casino does not run into losses if all players decide to cash out their winnings as soon as they do. Naturally, players would want to cash out as soon as they make a win.

  • Wagering requirements are slapped on most no deposit bonuses.
  • You have to play a number of times before cashing out your winnings.

The wagering requirement is usually very strict - you may end up not cashing your winnings at all. For instance, if the casino slaps a 25x wagering requirement to the no deposit bonus, it means you have to play through your bonus plus any winnings 25 times to be eligible to withdraw your winnings. You may not win anything at all hence gaining nothing except thrill of game play.

Why Casinos Impose Wagering Requirements

Most players wouldn't resist the urge to cash out their bonuses as soon as they made winnings or struck a jackpot. This would result into huge losses by the online casino. To prevent such a scenario, most online casinos impose strict wagering requirements on their no deposit bonuses. They ensure that by the time you are through with the bonus, there is almost nothing to take home.

If you are looking to make some quick cash from online casinos without staking your money, you may be in for a rude shock. It is, therefore, important that you look out for those casinos that don't impose wagering requirements on their no deposit bonuses. For this reason, you may have to be looking for new casinos everyday because the no deposit bonus is given to new players.

No Wagering Requirement Explained

The no wagering requirement simply means you have no obligation to play through your bonus a given number of times before withdrawing your winnings. You are free to cash out any time you wish as there are no constraints attached to the no deposit bonus. Which casino would make such an offer? Well, it is some sort of a holy grail but you can still such offers.

  • No obligation to play through your bonus.
  • Very rare to find no deposit bonus with no wagering requirements.

No wagering requirement requirements favor players at the expense of the virtual casino, hence, the reason you are unlikely to come across them. You will always face wagering requirements however low they may be. No wagering bonuses are actually a royalty and a way to attract new players to a casino site. Competition is stiff out there, and casinos can use any language to attract more customers.

No Wager No Deposit Bonus

The no wagering no deposit bonus is actually a royalty. This is because you will have to make a deposit later before you can withdraw your winnings. most casinos offers the no wager no deposit casino as part of other bonuses which you qualify for after making the initial deposit. Therefore, the hope of making free money without depositing anything is actually a mirage.

You could be in for a rude shock if you were expecting to squeeze free money from an online casino. Consider playing free casino games if you are not ready to make the first deposit, or are not keen to risk your money. Keep in mind that casino gaming is some kind of a risky business that may result in huge losses.

No Deposit Bonuses with No Wagering - The Bottom Line

Very few casinos offer the no deposit bonus without wagering requirements. You have to understand that casinos have to make money, hence, the wagering requirements slapped on all no deposit bonuses. Even those that claim to offer no wager bonuses have a hidden constraint - you have to make an initial deposit in order to access them. No free things in this world.

  • Few casinos offer this kind of a bonus.
  • Don't expect to earn free money from an online casino.

Essentially, the no deposit bonus without wagering requirements is nothing short of a holy grail. You have to keep chasing it in the hope of finding it one day. Even if a casino offers this bonus, you won't make away with any money without staking yours. The chances of winning free money are very slim, and the casino owner is really hoping you won't make it.